Due to small sales, the FamilyTreeFactory development and sales have been discontinued.

The service is not discontinued. The program is not freeware. The license agreement remains valid.

For all licensees this website is for download purposes.

Download of the Windows program FamilyTreeFactory 6 Premium and accessory:

License agreement License.txt (3.24 kB)

FamilyTreeFactory 6 Premium Setup (Version

as an executable file: FTFsetup.exe (6.95 MB)
packed as a ZIP file: FTFsetupEXE.zip (6.90 MB)


For a first installation start the setup program and follow the instructions in the dialogs.

For an update from old versions smaller than 6 to the new version 6 first uninstall the old version manually. Then start the setup program and follow the instructions in the dialogs.

A newer version 6 can be installed directly over a previously installed older version 6. For example the version can be installed over the version

As of version an automatic update function is included in the program. Using this it is very easy to update to new versions to come.

The setup installs a full version of the FamilyTreeFactory 6 Premium which can be tested for an unlimited period with all functions. However, as long as no license has been bought and no licensing information has been entered, the program works as a demo version; the demo version displays the word DEMO in some places.

The program FamilyTreeFactory 6 Premium is guaranteed free from malicious software. As of version 6 the executable program file FamilyTreeFactory.exe is signed digitally. If somebody should change this program file afterwards, the digital signature gets invalid. You can check the digital signature under Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 in the Windows Explorer by calling the properties of the file: On the Digital Signatures tab, mark the signature Dr.-Ing. Ekkehart H. v. Renesse and call for the details. Look in the details, whether the digital signature is valid or invalid.

If a virus protection program should warn of using the FamilyTreeFactory and asks you whether you trust the program, examine the digital signature of the file FamilyTreeFactory.exe in the installation directory as described above. If the digital signature is valid, you have an original program file which you can trust guaranteed.


The manual installed with the program has the HTML format and is shown on the browser. If you prefer to read the manual in the PDF format or would like to print the PDF manual then you can download it here:


PDF Manual Version (US Letter) FamilyTreeFactoryPDFus.zip (4.12 MB)
PDF Manual Version (DIN A4) FamilyTreeFactoryPDFa4.zip (4.12 MB)


The contents of the HTML manual and the PDF manuals are identical.

Image Files for Design Frames and Box Backgrounds:

Copy the unzipped folders with the image files into the main directory for image files which you have selected in the Program Options dialog, Directories tab.

High resolution driver as reference raster for the PDF export of very large treeviews:

This driver with a resolution up to 9600 pixels per inch is usually not necessary. Read the section Exporting PDF Files in the manual, if you are not satisfied with the typeface of an exported PDF file. The ZIP file includes an installation guide.


SBDRefRaster.zip (4.57 kB)

Whoever would like to burn a FamilyTreeFactory CD himself/herself can download an ISO image file:

packed as a ZIP file: FamilyTreeFactoryISO.zip (20.3 MB)

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